Sunday, January 20, 2008

The best Charleston firms (chapter two)

This week (well, this quarter, really)... just to prove that not everyone I recommend is also a client of Aio Design, I'm listing the doctors and dentists I recommend to my friends and family in Charleston. If you're new to Charleston or need a medical professional, here's the real scoop!

My pick for best OB/GYN
Dr. Kathryn Hargrove, Ashley Oaks OB/GYN
Located in the west wing of Roper St. Francis Hospital in West Ashley, a hop, skip and a jump from I-526's Ashley River Road exit. Both she and the staff are great! I've proposed some pretty outside-the-box ideas to her before, and she hasn't blinked yet. She's sensitive yet no-nonsense, she knows her stuff, and her staff is great.

My pick for best primary care physician
Dr. Curtis Haskins, Windermere Family Practice
Dr. Haskins has long been a favorite of nearly the entire staff at St. Andrew's Parks and Playground Commission, and for good reason. Not only is he a friendly and generous guy, he can empathize with his patients after surviving a major traffic accident several years ago that necessitated a painstaking recovery. His practice (across from EarthFare in West Ashley, several doors down from Starbucks) is also an urgent care facility, so you can be seen long after other doctor's offices have closed.

My pick for best dentist
Dr. Luther Yon, Complete Dentristry
With apologies to other dentists worldwide, Dr. Yon is the first dentist I've met with a sense of humor. His long-suffering (and wonderful) assistant Charlotte is wise to his habit of waiting until his patient has been thoroughly dosed with nitrous oxide (aka laughing gas) before he starts in with his jokes. He'll also tell you the real scoop about anything tooth-related, and you'd be amazed at his encyclopedic knowledge. Just about everyone I know goes to Dr. Yon now, and they're all huge fans. And for dental wimps everywhere, Dr. Yon's your man... he requests nitrous oxide when he gets his own teeth cleaned. (Cleaned!) Though it sounds from his name as though Dr. Yon is Oriental, he isn't... I think he might have some predominantly Italian ancestry. He's located on Folly Road just south of the drawbridge and just north of Harbor View Road.

My pick for best chiropractor
Dr. Michael Tillman, HealthSource (formerly East Coast Chiropractic)
When I first moved to Charleston in 1998, I began experiencing intense headaches. My primary care physician at the time ran me through every kind of test you could think of, including a CT Scan, with no results. After several weeks she notified me that she could find no cause and had given up. (Great!) Around that time, I was attending a women's expo with a friend and spotted a lonely chiropractor and his assistant standing all alone and forlorn at a booth. I felt bad for them so I stopped and filled out their questionnaire. Lo, it turned out that my headache symptoms almost perfectly matched the questionnaire! I came by for the free consultation offered and in less than three weeks of seeing Dr. Tillman, the headaches that had been plaguing me so long were history. Sold! Since then, Dr. Tillman has also cured a mysterious knee problem of my husband's and shown me that pressing a certain muscle in one's back can exactly mimic the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. (I don't have carpal tunnel syndrome, I just go to him to maintain the healthy curvature of my neck to avoid a return of the headaches, and this came up during a visit one time.) The good doctor is a wonder, and he's friendly and down-to-earth as well. He can add "adventurer" or at least "crisis medic" to the list, too, as he has even been known to assist the injured at auto accidents taking place in the dicey St. Andrews Blvd/Sycamore intersection just outside his practice in West Ashley... well, at least an auto accident involving an old co-worker of mine, years ago.

My recommendations are getting longer and longer, so I'd better sign off before it turns out I've written a whole book. Stay well!